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What are your plans for the 14th of February? Going out for a fancy dinner, watching romantic movies at home,

In the previous blog post, we talked about describing positive qualities. Today, we’ll talk about the negative ones. Let’s begin

There are so many positive qualities that we can name in our native language, but it’s not easy in English.

It’s kind of tricky to talk about time. We need to explain if things happened at the same time, or

Talking about what we think can be tricky because we run out of words and phrases quickly. Today, we’ll show

Presentations are difficult. They are an excellent opportunity to embarrass ourselves in front of many people. Today, we’ll show you

All the time, people ask us to give an opinion or advice. Today, we’ll see some excellent phrases to do

We often need to join a conversation or try to continue after we have been interrupted. Today, we’ll show you

It’s not always easy to say that you agree or disagree with someone. Today, we will show you some common

Goal setting is the key to achieving great things, but do you have the vocabulary to set your goals in

The business world is full of idioms, and today we will share some of the most popular ones with you.

In the business world, we often need to talk about trends. Today, we’ll present some words you will use all

One thing I hate about the corporate world is the overuse of acronyms. To make sure you don’t suffer as

Our job is a large part of our lives. Today, we will show you some words you can use to

HR Professionals have the difficult job of communicating with different departments and ensuring everyone looks in the same direction. They

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot. I’ve seen many beautiful things, especially in Ireland, but I didn’t

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an estimated 171,146 words are currently in use in the English language. Do you

It’s always difficult to describe things in a foreign language. We can explain many things in our native language, but