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One thing I hate about the corporate world is the overuse of acronyms. To make sure you don’t suffer as much as we did, we will present some common acronyms and how to use them today.


BTW” is By The Way.

BTW, I’ll be back in 5 minutes.


AFK” is Away From Keyboard.

I will be AFK for 20 minutes.


ETA” is Estimated Time of Arrival.

What’s the ETA for the package?


IMO” is In My Opinion.

IMO you are making a mistake taking this project.


N/A” is Not Applicable.

Write N/A in all these fields if you haven’t been fired in the past.


Here in Worddio, we like data. We analysed large databases and compiled a list of the most common Acronyms in the business world. For each, you will have a description and an example of how to use it in a sentence.

It is part of our Business package available for companies only. It contains more than 25 libraries with essential words and phrases you need to be more confident and productive. 


Contact us for more info at or ask your employer to do so.

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