Career Vocabulary

Our job is a large part of our lives. Today, we will show you some words you can use to talk about your work and career.


Aptitude” is the natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill.

Example: This guy is fantastic. He has an incredible aptitude for programming.


Entrepreneur” is a person who operates a business and takes much of the risk.

Example: Being an entrepreneur is not a joke. You will work 16 hours, seven days a day, for years.


Goods” is anything that is produced, then traded and finally consumed.

Example: The goods will be ready for shipment on Thursday afternoon.


Wage” is an amount of money paid to employees for their work.

Example: People fail to understand that raising the minimum wage will cause more problems.


Internship” is a position of a student or trainee who works in an organisation to acquire skills for the job.

Example: I really want to get an internship in a cybersecurity company.


Here in Worddio, we like data. We analysed large databases and compiled a list of the most common words related to Career. For each, you will have a description and an example of how to use it in a sentence.

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