Giving Suggestions

All the time, people ask us to give an opinion or advice. Today, we’ll see some excellent phrases to do so.


Have you tried …?” is a great way to exercise using Present Perfect tense and also ask if the person has tried the thing you are about to suggest.

Example: Have you tried restarting the database?


One idea is to…” is a perfect way to start brainstorming different solutions to a problem.

Example: One idea is to resubmit the resume and call them to confirm they have received it.


My advice is…” as you might have guessed, is a phrase you can use to take responsibility and tell the person what to do.

Example: My advice is to apply for the job. There’s nothing you can lose.


With “in my experience,…” you can tell a similar story and what you did when you faced such a challenge.

Example: In my experience, if you ruin your reputation, you are done.



With “if I were you…” you tell what you would do if you had this problem.

Example: If I were you, I would call them and report the accident.


Here in Worddio, we like data. We analyzed large databases and compiled a list of the most common phrases related to giving suggestions and advice. For each, you will have a description and an example of how to use it in a sentence.


It is part of our Business package available for companies only. It contains more than 25 libraries with essential words and phrases you need to be more confident and productive. 


Contact us for more info at or ask your employer to do so.

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