It’s not always easy to say that you agree or disagree with someone. Today, we will show you some common expressions to do so.


I don’t think so” is a more direct way to disagree. 

Example: I don’t think so. Let me give you my point of view.


Not necessarily” is a great way to suggest something else.

Example: Not necessarily. Have you thought about hiring two more people to delegate low-priority tasks?


You have a point there” is an excellent way to say that you agree with what was just said.

Example: You have a point there. There’s nothing I can say to disagree with you. Agree


No doubt about it” is a solid way to say that you absolutely agree with something.

Example: They will approve the project, no doubt about it.

Here in Worddio, we like data and we’ve compiled a list of common words and phrases related to agreeing and disagreeing with someone or something.

It is part of our Business package available for companies only. It contains more than 25 libraries with essential words and phrases you need to be more confident and productive. 


Contact us for more info at hello@worddio.com or ask your employer to do so.

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