Negative Qualities Vocabulary

In the previous blog post, we talked about describing positive qualities. Today, we’ll talk about the negative ones.

Let’s begin with adjectives that are usually used for things.

“Abnormal” is used to describe something that’s NOT normal, usually in a bad way.

Example: Your abnormal behaviour is disturbing the rest of the team. You need to stop it now.

“Adverse” is an adjective used for things that stop success, obstacles.

Example: Adverse criticism must not be confused with constructive feedback.

“Deficient” means not enough.

Example: She is deficient in the technical knowledge and skills required for the job.

Let’s take a look at some adjectives that are usually used to describe people.

“Impatient” is used for people who want things to happen now. They can’t wait.

Example: Why are you always so impatient? Good things take time.

“Careless” describes people who miss details. Usually, they make many mistakes.

Example: Look, our job is dangerous. I can’t afford to have careless people in my team.

“Stubborn” is a person who doesn’t want to change his opinion, even if it’s wrong.

Example: Why are you always so stubborn? What do you gain from not changing your mind?

Here in Worddio, we like data. We analyzed large databases and compiled a list of the most common words related to negative qualities in people or things. For each, you will have a description and an example of how to use it in a sentence.

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