Presentations Vocabulary

Presentations are difficult. They are an excellent opportunity to embarrass ourselves in front of many people. Today, we’ll show you some phrases you can use to improve your presentations and keep them going.


To begin with” is an excellent way to start the presentation. You can use it to explain the plan, thank participants for joining, etc.

Example: To begin with, I want to set expectations for this presentation.


Turning now to” is a great way to change the topic after you are done speaking about something else.

Example: Turning now to the bigger problem – education.


This ties in with my original statement” can be used to connect two ideas that seem disconnected at first.

Example: This ties in with my original statement that we need to reduce plastic use.


As I said at the beginning” is a great way to come back to the idea you developed at the beginning of the presentation.

Example: As I said at the beginning, this can’t continue for 50 more years.


In conclusion” is a great phrase to use at the end of your presentation.

Example: In conclusion, we need to increase our market share by 7% to meet the sales numbers.


Here in Worddio, we like data. We analyzed large databases and compiled a list of the most common words and phrases related to giving presentations. For each, you will have a description and an example of how to use it in a sentence.


It is part of our Business package available for companies only. It contains more than 25 libraries with essential words and phrases you need to be more confident and productive. 


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