Frequently asked questions about the Worddio app:

Yes you can. After you have bought more than one language, you will have the possibility to change your native language with one of the paid ones as well as changing the language that you want to practice. Every language change, regardless of whether it is your main or target one, the app will ask you to update the data base. This is not to take up too much space on your mobile device. Everything you buy is kept as information on our servers, so if you change the language, you will not lose what you have already paid for.

No. Worddio is an assistant that will help you to learn new words quicker and increase your vocabulary. To learn a new language, we would recommend that you enrol on a language course with a real teacher. We would highly recommend that you combine a language course with the Worddio app.

Yes, topics are arranged according to two principles, the level of knowledge of the language as well as the different day to day themes. We have used generally accepted levels and amounts of words in the English language as the basis for separating the levels. In other pairs of languages (excluding English) it is possible that there are some minor discrepancies or mistakes in the meaning. If you find any of these, please notify us to correct them.

There are words that look and sound the same but have different meanings for different aspects. This can sometimes be a noun, adjective or a verb. If you use a word list downloaded from a QR code, please contact the teacher who gave you the code and report the mistake. If the error is in a standard bundle of words you've downloaded, please let us know so we can fix it. Due to the specific nature of different languages, it is possible to find some minor discrepancies between two languages (excluding English).

Every time you start, the app verifies that you are connected to the internet and, if available, checks whether there are any updates to the data base. If an update is available you will be invited to download it. Updates include any corrections that you or other users have notified us of, as well as adding new words to your word lists.

The application can only be active on one mobile device. Sign out of your Worddio account on the old mobile device. Download Worddio on your new device and sign in with your account. All languages purchased by you, as well as those purchased with a QR code, will be downloaded to the new device.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the teacher platform:

Yes you can. There are no restrictions in choosing pairs of languages as well as which one to be the native language. The two languages in a word list can not be changed. If you want to create word lists in multiple languages, they need to be in separate word lists.
Yes, this is one of the main ideas. Once a word list has been created, it can be reused by students on more courses . Any correction in a particular word list will directly appear on students' mobile devices if they downloaded the app via a QR code.
Changes will affect users who have downloaded the word list and those who have not yet downloaded it, but have a QR code for it. Once a QR code for a word list has been generated, it will download the latest version of the word list to the mobile device.
Yes. To do this, simply copy the word list you want and make changes to the newly created copy. The old word list users will not be affected by the changes, and for the new, modified word list you will generate new QR codes for users.
The name of the word list will appear on the user's mobile device, we recommend that the name of the word list contains information about the language school and the level. The name of the word list will also appear on the QR codes you will generate. The names of the groups do not matter. For your convenience, they will appear on the mobile device as numbers from one to however many groups you have. We recommend that you arrange the lessons according to this numbering.
These pairs of words are only reserved for your account and are not automatically entered into our word base. It is possible for such pairs of words to be added to the main platform base, but only after being checked by our linguists.
No, every QR code is unique and doesn't have an expiry date. The code may only become invalid if the word list for which it was generated is deleted.
We are planning different promotions for active teachers, and we have created this functionality in the platform. For more information, contact us.
No, you can't study on the platform. It is only to rearrange the words according to the teaching materials of different schools and training methods being used. If you are currently studying a foreign language, you can recommend the platform to your teacher or school. If they do not wish to use it, you can use the platform to sort the words according to your textbook, lesson by lesson. Print a QR code to move your words into the app and start learning the new words in an easier way. You can help other students in your group by printing out more QR codes for them to use.

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