Worddio for business

Empower your employees. Thrive together.

The path to a better Future

Science-backed methodology

Learning platform based on the most efficient time-proven methods.

Automation and personalization

Leveraging technology to promote individual learning paths.

Self-paced learning

Learn anywhere, anytime. You pick the content to learn.

Streamlined process for ultimate results

  • Prepare case-specific content materials.

  • Customize learning paths for each employee group.

  • Get performance insights to track progress.

Streamlined process for ultimate results

Worddio for business

Mobile & web learning platforms

Mobile & web learning platforms

Tailor-made content for your company.

Your custom content will be available on the platform in less than a week.

Detailed report for employee progress insights.

Full access to all present and future content and functionalities of Worddio, including specialized content for communication skills, outsourcing, support centers, recruitment, etc.

Employees can use our audio flashcards in all 30+ languages.

Optional white labeling of the platform.

Language courses with a tutor

Language courses with a tutor

Business English courses led by our linguist team.

Customized courses for specific use cases.

Intensive training program.

Online, on-premise, or in a dedicated venue.

Course materials available on Worddio’s platform.

Use case – employee development

The challenge

As remote work increases and long-distance calls are part of the routine, communication skills have become more and more important. Continuous upskilling and reskilling of employees is a must-have policy in the constantly evolving labor market.

The solution

Worddio’s learning platform and tutored classes provide the most efficient processes for improving foreign language proficiency. The platform could also be used for evolving the soft skills of the employees by improving their day-to-day vocabulary.


Scalable methodology of developing employees’ personal and professional skills. Improved employee and overall productivity. Better customer and partner perception of the company services.

Use case – employee development

The challenge

The onboarding process for the newly onboarded employees usually takes about 3 months, so shortening it means accelerated performance. Keeping the employees engaged in the knowledge and culture exchange process is notoriously hard to master.

The solution

New employees can learn the materials through the learning platform in a fun and engaging way. Embedded test functionalities lead to quick and efficient memorization. Content is available 24/7, anywhere, anytime, even on the go. Insights for each employee’s progress are also available.


Fast and effective onboarding process and an immense spike in productivity even in the first few weeks of employment. Opportunity to practice and learn in an adaptable digital environment.

Broad range of industry applicability

International Companies

Upskill or reskill employees to thrive in a rapidly evolving labor market. Foster high-development culture, improve confidence, morale and the overall quality of services.


Improve foreign language skills to make your employees more confident and efficient. Improve customer satisfaction and perception about your company.

Support Centers

Quick and efficient onboarding of new employees. Practice in an undisturbed digital environment.


Give applicants the best shot of being recruited by preparing them with the effective learning tools. Estimate the language proficiency level (coming soon).


HoReCa staff can easily learn the most common words and phrases in different languages.


Students follow curriculum using the practical learning methods in their self-prep time. Teachers track progress and get insight about learning habits.

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