Worddio's foreign language test

Assess foreign language proficiency of job applicants in under 10 minutes with 90% accuracy

1. Choose a subscription plan

Pick an annual or monthly subscription type

2. Job applicants take the test

Before, during, or after the job interview

3. Get instant assessment

Worddio sends instant feedback to the recruiters

How it works

  • Works on any web browser

  • AI-powered & fully automated

  • Based on answering open-ended questions and reading predefined text

  • Available for English, German, French, Spanish, etc.

Why use our foreign language test?


What you get

Over 90% accurate assessment of foreign language skills based on speaking and reading.


Fast, unbiased results – know their levels in less than 10 minutes.


Objective method based on scientifically proven process.


How it helps

Recruiters use the test as part of the interviewee shortlisting process or can validate skills on the spot during interviews.


Shortens decision time for hiring – no time lost for fluent speakers.


Mitigates risk of losing candidates and pinpoints areas for improvement.

Broad range of applicability

Pre-screening of job applicants

Optimize your recruitment process for positions with high volumes of applicants by including the language test in the process of applying for the job

At point of interview

Ask the job candidates to take the test on the spot thus eliminating any subjectivity and/or lack of fluence of the interviewer

Lead-gen tool

Direct traffic from social media to the test and then get in touch with the people who have shown satisfying results for your open positions

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