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Who we are ?

After interviewing expert linguists, foreign language teachers and students, we decided that there was a space for a new and unique path towards learning faster and better. We built a symbiosis between the two most popular methods of learning new words.


Worddio combines listening to word pronunciation and flash cards. We also added a challenge for learners to test whether they successfully memorized the words.


Through the combination of these three methods, Worddio has become one of the most incredible tools for learning new words. It is suitable for people of any age, at any time and place. Worddio offers more than 270 000 words recorded by native speakers in 34 languages.


We believe that Worddio will change the way foreign words are learned all over the world. We have created a unique and indispensable tool to help students and language teachers alike.

Our Team

Kiril Genov

Co-founder, CEO

Yordan Yordanov

Co-founder, Head of Product & Marketing

Mario Gorki

Head of Software Development

Dimitar Manovski

Software Developer

Ilian stankov

Head of Content Management

Krasimir Daskalov

UI & UX Design

Maria Zhekova

Customer Service Manager

Veronica Nikolaeva

Digital Marketing Expert

Dragomir Minkov

Process Automation Manager

Desislava Genova



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The investor in Migota Ltd. is Innovation Capital Fund KDA, as a special activity is co-financed by the Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria. The value of the funding is 25,000 euros.