Worddio's training platform

Run your corporate trainings on our platform

1. Choose a subscription plan

Pick an annual or monthly subscription type

2. Send us your training material

We will upload it for you so you can focus on more important duties

3. Get feedback for each employee

Worddio sends feedback on the progress to the trainer

How it works

  • Standalone product – no integration with 3rd party software is required

  • Works on iOS, Android & web browsers

  • Quick download from App Store & Google Play


Why use our training platform?


What you get

Fully-functional platform to host courses and trainings.


Built-in testing functionality validates if the employee has learned the required information.


24/7 access allows employees to learn at their own pace.


How it helps

Complete hosting and storage of learning and training materials.


No admin necessary – Worddio’s team will upload them for you.


Quick and easy access reduces prep time for each training presentation – all materials in one place.

Broad range of applicability

Tech skills

Upskill employees to help the company become more productive


Mitigate the risk of employees getting phished into sharing sensitive data


Help protect the sensitive personal data of both employees and customers

Soft skills

Improve the way teams communicate to foster a better corporate culture


Invest in your most prominent employees to help them become better leaders


Open up your organization from the inside to become more inclusive

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