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The teacher's platform allows you to show your students the easiest and best ways to memorize new words. Using the platform, you can access all the words we offer and arrange them to suit your lessons. Once you have created your word lists, you can use them again and again. The platform can also generate QR codes for your students. They scan the code with their phone and instantly receive the specific word list in their own Worddio app. Quickly and easily!

Who it's for:

Language Schools
Schools that teach foreign languages
For teachers who want the best for their students
Language enthusiasts who want to learn using their own rules
Freelance language teachers

What you'll receive:

Easy and quick way to create a word list with words connected with the materials studied, divided into lessons
Possibility to create word lists in different languages
Easy-to-manage word lists, copying and correcting with auto updating on the students' mobile devices
Easily transfer created word lists to your students
Once you've created a word list, you can use it multiple times, course after course

How to create a word list?

Enter a name of the word list to orientate you with the level
Choose a number of groups, it's good to be the same as the number of lessons in the book
Start to add new words from each lesson in a different group. This helps your students to easily see where they are up to in the book
Create word lists for all the levels and languages that you teach. Once created, the word lists can be used again and again
Print a QR code for each student every time you start a new course
After that, students have to scan the QR code with their mobile devices using the specially created function in Worddio

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Important advice from us , right here!

You can put your school's name as the name of the word list. This will be visible on the screen of your students' mobile device
If you forget something or you want to add a new group with additional words for your students, just make the correction and it will be added automatically to their mobile devices. Adding new materials will also remind previous students about you
If you want to make a corrections to an existing word list but don't want the changes to be visible to you previous students, copy the existing word list and only make the changes to the copy. The new changes will only be visible to students with the new QR code

What people say who have already used Worddio:

Blagovesta Kaynarova


I recommend it to all colleagues and students.

I am a German teacher using Worddio with a second course of students in our school. It is the first time that I have come across such a tool to help the students. It is easy to set up a word list according to our materials and the level of the students. I recommend it to all colleagues and students.

Zdravelina Krasteva

Language teacher

Suitable for busy people

The methods for memorising new words have been proven and tested. The combination of both methods is new and successful. The lack of interaction in the application makes it suitable for busy people like my students.

Yavor Yankulov

Ph.D. in Economics

I recommend it to all teachers.

Worddio is a fantastic tool for memorising new words in pleasant and natural way without any effort or strain at a convenient time for you. It is a practical app for everyone who wants to learn a new language. I recommend it to all teachers.

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