Worddio as a workplace benefit

Our mobile app gives your employees the opportunity to grow their competence in 30+ languages.

1. Choose a subscription plan

Pick an annual or monthly subscription type

2. Inform your employees

All employees will be eligible to register on the platform 

3. Employees register

They can begin using the app right away

Easy to get and use

  • Standalone app – no integration required

  • Works on iOS, Android & web browsers

  • Quick download from App Store & Google Play

Streamlined process for ultimate results

Why give Worddio as a workplace benefit?

Mobile & web learning platforms

What they get

Full access to all Worddio content & libraries.

Choosing from general language & vocabulary.

Specialized work-related topics like Business English, Law and many more.

Language courses with a tutor

How it helps them

Improved language and communication skills boost confidence and morale.


Employees see it as an investment in their future well-being.


Benefits are felt outside work as well.

Broad range of industry applicability

International Companies

Upskill or reskill employees to thrive in a rapidly evolving labor market. Foster high-development culture, improve confidence, morale and the overall quality of services.


Improve foreign language skills to make your employees more confident and efficient. Improve customer satisfaction and perception about your company.

Support Centers

Quick and efficient onboarding of new employees. Practice in an undisturbed digital environment.


Give applicants the best shot of being recruited by preparing them with the effective learning tools. Estimate the language proficiency level (coming soon).


HoReCa staff can easily learn the most common words and phrases in different languages.


Students follow curriculum using the practical learning methods in their self-prep time. Teachers track progress and get insight about learning habits.

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