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Migota Ltd., as owner of the website Worddio.com and the mobile application Worddio, offers its clients all materials that are published on the website and in the application for personal use only, not commercial uses, under the condition that the users/clients observe all copyrights.
All materials, published on Worddio.com and on the mobile application are subject to copyright and are under the protection of the Copyright law.
It is not permitted for the materials on this Website to be modified, copied, distributed or provided for whatever public or commercial use. The publishing of materials from this website on other websites is forbidden.


The references on the present website as well as those embedded in the application, leading to websites and/or applications owned by third parties are provided only for your convenience. If you use these references, you will exit this website and or leave the application. Migota Ltd. does not control these websites and applications of these individuals and does not take any responsibility for them or their content. Migota Ltd. does not in any way impose and recommend these websites, owned by third parties, as well as the information, published in them. Visiting some of these websites and applications is completely your responsibility and at your own risk.
We are not responsible for the privacy policies of the websites, leading to our products, their content and the information they supply.


To use the services offered by Worddio.com and the Worddio application, user is required to fill in an electronic registration form or to register with his Facebook, Google, Apple or Twitter account. By registering, which presents an electronic volition, user declares his/her consent to the present General Terms.
Please note, that if you access or download the application from the Apple App Store, you agree to Apple’s Licensed Application End User License Agreement. Android apps are not required by Google Play to include an End User License Agreement.


Migota Ltd, as owner of the Worddio application and the website Worddio.com, understands the responsibilities connected with the high public conscience in the virtual space. The protection of the private information of our clients is crucially important for us.
Migota Ltd. guarantees its clients confidentiality of the given information and personal data. The deliverer protects the personal data of the user/client, which he had gotten from the electronic form, and this obligation is not is not in power in case the client has presented false data.
The supplier is obliged not to disclose any personal data about the clients to third parties – state bodies, companies, individuals and others, unless he has received the explicit written consent of the client, the information is requested by governmental bodies or officials, who, according to the current legislation, are authorized to request and collect such information. The deliverer is obligated to provide the information by the power of the law.

The user agrees his data and other information, given by him or her, to be used by Mitoga Ltd. for eventual feedback or for the regulation of particular issues between parties.
For more information please visit our Privacy Policy and EU GDPR.
Worddio is self-learning tool designed for adults as well as for children. We have no intention to collect personal information from anyone under the age of 13. Due to that we do not collect personal information of individuals under13 years of age.


The supplier provides the Worddio application to the user. It is a self-learning tool for studying unknown foreign words. The words in the application are organized in topical word lists based on the most commonly used topics and proficiency levels. After downloading the application, the user enters base language (mother tongue) and a target language he/she would like to learn (target language).
The supplier does not bear any responsibility for the presence of discrepancy between some word pairs. Such discrepancies are possible based on the specifics of various languages. If such discrepancy is being found, we kindly ask the user to notify us by sending an e-mail to support@worddio.com or through the contact form on the website.

The supplier has the right to terminate the access to the web site of certain users, when found that they have given false data, while registering or in any way through their actions, have infringed upon Migota EOOD’s intellectual property of that of third parties, or violate the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The supplier has the right to terminate rendering of certain services, taking the obligation to notify the users about it by a note on the internet page.
The supplier has the right to one-sidedly change the General Terms at any time, but not the obligation to individually notify each user for the occurred changes. After the change the supplier updates the date of publication. If the consumer does not state that he/she dismisses the changes within a seven day period after the publication, the consumer is considered bound to them. In case the consumer states within the given time period that he/she  does not agree with the changes, the supplier has the right to immediately stop or cancel the offering the user the services without owing compensation to the user.
We recommend that you take a look at the updated Terms in a certain time interval because they are binding to you.

The supplier has the right to undertake measures for preventing misuse and abusive actions by the users through limiting their access to the website and the application.
The supplier has the right to make changes to the website and the application at any time and without warning, as well as change the prices of the service. The change in the service price applies only to the purchase of new services and flashcard’s sets.

The supplier has the right but not the obligation to maintain materials and information located on the server of Worddio.com.
The supplier does not bear responsibility for damages done to the software, hardware or the telecommunication capabilities, or loss of data and information, originated from materials or resources, searched, loaded or used in any way through the offered services by worddio.com.

The supplier does not bear responsibility for expenses in case damages arise after the use of worddio.com for which user’s equipment repair or servicing is necessary.
Advises, consultations and support, offered by the specialists and employees of the supplier concerning the use of the services by the users do not result in any responsibility or obligations for the supplier. 
The supplier has the right to collect and use account information concerning his customers, despite the availability of or absence of registration.
The information on the previous clause can be used by the supplier, except in case of the explicit dissent by the user, sent on the following e-mail address: support@worddio.com. The supplier collects and uses the information to improve the offered services. All purposes, for which the supplier will be using the information, will be in coordination with the European legislation and the applicable international acts.
The supplier has the right (but not the obligation) to save on his informational system or on other exterior device for access to the webpage information, concerning the users in the form of the so called “cookies”. Those are little textual files which are saved by the webpage worddio.com through a server on the hard drive of the user. This way an opportunity is given for the recollection of information for the same user, as he/she will be recognized through his/hers actions.

The users have the obligation to constantly keep acquainted to the General Terms and their updates.

The users do not have right to forgo the product once they have purchased it.
The users cannot change an already delivered service/flashcard’s sets with another service/ flashcard’s sets.
The users have the right to purchase more than one flashcard’s sets/service.
The users do not have the right to give their data for the use of the product to third parties (the system does not allow parallel use of the product by two users with the same access data.)
The users have the right to use the services offered by the supplier if they observe the present General Terms.
The user is obliged to provide on his/her own the necessary equipment (hardware and software) for the use of the services, offered by the supplier.
The user commits to use materials, published in the website, only for educational and personal needs by following behavior, completely in line with the goals of the website Worddio.com.
The user is required not to copy, distribute or borrow in any way, reproduce or publish materials from the Worddio.com website and/or from the Worddio application, which violate the intellectual property rights of Migota Ltd., including copyrights, trademarks, industrial design, logo types and any other material or author images, by declaring that he/she is aware of his responsibility in accordance to the current General Terms and the European and international legislation.

By placing a mark on “I have read the general terms and I agree with them” and pressing the button “Register me”, the consumer is declaring that he/she agrees with the general terms and will conform with them.


The current software is under copyright protection and is property of Migota Ltd. Please, get acquainted to our general terms of use before using the software.