Thrive in the multilingual environment by increasing your vocabulary in a fun and intuitive way. 

How it works

Learn the word

Pick your word list and add them to the que. Then play them back.

Train it

Test your pronunciation by recording yourself speaking.

Test it

Take a quick quiz to test if you have memorized the words.


Is Powered by a set of in-house AI algorithms

Each student gets a tailor-made experience

completely hands free

34 most popular languages across the globe

Who is Worddio for?

  • Professionals

    Adults looking to improve their foreign language skills for business or career reasons.

  • Casual learners

    Travelers, expats or ever learning individuals wishing to learn a new language or enhance their current knowledge.

  • Sector-specific

    Service workers, such as call-center operators or healthcare workers, who will perform better with a larger vocabulary and accurate pronunciation.

  • Youth

    Kids and adolescents studying a secondary language at schools and universities.

What we offer ?

  • Passive learning method

    Learn hands free while doing something else.

  • Flashcards

    270 000 professionally recorded audio flashcards in 34 languages.

  • Premium content

    Niche audio flashcards, audiobooks and podcasts for advanced learners.

Coming soon:
  • AI-enabled tailor-made learning path

    No two people are alike, so why learn alike?

  • Pronunciation testing

    Speak better by hearing yourself first.

  • AI-assisted learning sessions

    Practice speaking with users on your level who have with similar interests to you.

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