Interrupting politely

We often need to join a conversation or try to continue after we have been interrupted. Today, we’ll show you some phrases that will be super useful in both situations.


Let’s start with phrases that you can use when you are interrupted.


I’d like to return to my argument” is a phrase you can use after you are interrupted.

Example: I want to return to my argument because I haven’t finished yet.


Can I continue, please?” is another excellent phrase you can use to come back to what you were saying.

Example: Can I continue, please? I didn’t interrupt you when you spoke.


Please let me finish” can be used when somebody is trying to interrupt you.

Example: Please let me finish. I haven’t finished explaining myself.


Let me wrap up my thought before you start” is an advanced phrase to do the same; stop someone from interrupting you.

Let me wrap up my thought before you start. I allowed you to say everything you wanted to say without interrupting you.


Let’s see some phrases you can use when you want to join a conversation or interrupt someone.


Is it okay if I jump in for a second?” is a great way to enter a conversation.

Example: Is it okay if I jump in for a second? There’s something I can add to the conversation.


Sorry to interrupt, but…” is another great way to interrupt someone politely.

Example: Sorry to interrupt, but it’s urgent. Can you take a look at these error messages?


If I may, I feel…” is an excellent way to interrupt someone and express a different opinion.

Example: If I may, I feel like you missed the point. This isn’t what I’ve said. Interrupting


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